On-demand Service: Upon a phone call, J&B can service any of your same-day needs.
Delivery in 1 to 6 hours
Delivery up to 350 miles
TSA compliant
Schedule Services: J&B has an expansive route system covering all of Colorado and the surrounding states, with daily service between many cities.
Services offered:
Inter-office mail runs between satellite locations
Bank deposit/office mail pick-up & delivery
Supply replenishment
Medical Specimen delivery
Pharmaceutical and Home infusion delivery
Office Product delivery
Dedicated Fleet Service: Manage your fleet using J&B Transportation. Our program dedicates vehicles exclusively to your business..
Warehousing services: We offer a 24/7 facility, which allows us to serve you and your customers with priority service locally, statewide or nationwide. J&B Offers a secure, clean, computerized warehouse for all your product and records.
Short & long term storage
Cross docking
Bar Code scanning
File management
Freight management