Corporate Headquarters:
Denver, CO
Founded: 2004
Joe Slavin, Blair Thortvedt
Work force:
20 office & warehouse staff - 85 independent contract drivers - 10-freight drivers
We are committed to being the best, easiest to deal with and always accessible  transportation/distribution provider around - offering superior levels of service with the most flexible options available
In 2004 Joe & Blair, who each already had there own courier services, decided to join both their companies and become J&B Transportation, Inc. With that merger Joe and Blair, quickly established a clear, unified, vision for the company: to provide superior service at a fair market price.

That formula, along with a carefully planned expansion and the ability to build on each success, has generated steady growth. Today J&B Transportation has grown from a simple courier/messenger service to a multli level courier, freight delivery and warehousing service.

J & B hinges its success by focusing on two primary areas: People and Technology. We are led by a team of first-rate experts in the delivery /warehousing environment. From top to bottom, we have assembled an elite team of personnel, with numerous years of experienced in the courier, freight, and warehousing industries. All of our drivers are insured/bonded, uniformed and carry ID badges for security, which's presents a professional image to you and your customers. From an envelop to a full van load, J&B can have your product picked up within minutes as we have drivers available 24 hours - 7 days a week.

In addition to a motivated workforce, J & B Transportation is committed to investing in the latest technology, using state of the art communication equipment to provide our clients unparalleled service. Through software and scanning equipment, we are able to provide our and your clients with "real time" signatures and delivery times when requested.

Whether you have a large order to ship involving tractor-trailer loads, or something as small as needing a briefcase delivered across town, J&B has the experience and expertise to get the job done.
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